There are many different considerations around software development as well as the development of the software developer. My last application development experience was back in the early 2000s. Now that it is mid-2010s (apx. 12 years later), there seems to be an order of magnitude of complexity (all of course designed to simplify and accelerate […]

While my eyesight continues its slow degradation (within normal limits of the disease known as aging), it seems that there may be the additional benefit of some foresight being generated, as well as the vast reservoir of hindsight that has built up over these four cycles (of 12 years). I think I can now feel […]

Website performance can be a minefield, especially when trying to leverage things like WordPress and WordPress Plugins. It is almost enough to make one build things from scratch. Thankfully it hasn’t gotten that far… yet. That said, here are some resources and thoughts on web hosting and performance. Wither the NSA USA hosting companies, regardless […]

Looking back, the Social Media for 2013 post was a bit lukewarm. So, this time let’s cut to the bone. Yes, there are trends, and yes there will be surprises. Let’s focus on a few things that will help us get things done in 2014. Rise of Chat Not only Line and Whatsapp, and the […]

LinkedIn is doomed due to substitutes which will grow stronger over time. LinkedIn is also doomed because of the level of spam and self-promoters in groups. LinkedIn is doomed because of poor service and slow development and too much focus on growing revenue rather than building a service valuable to others. Finally, the the disconnection […]

Email signatures are those bits of text below the closing of a message and the name of the sender. They can be pretty crazy, or non-existent (which is worse). I’ve seen misspellings and other indicators of ineptitude. One of the worst types of infractions is when lawyers are involved, and legal disclaimers are appended to […]

One challenge for using Thai script on a computer is that Thai characters are more vertical than roman alphabet characters. If one is mixing roman and Thai characters in a document, the Thai characters tend to be much smaller (and therefore illegible if the roman characters are optimized for space and legibility). At this point […]


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