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When Ruby on Rails hit the Web development world in 2005, it changed everything practically overnight by bringing a pattern rooted in Smalltalk to the Web. I’ve been playing with the recently-released Meteor Web framework and I think that an important and equally momentous shift is taking place in…

This brief report could just as easily be called The Status of Education 2.0 but I think we are over this versioning. What is really at work is a de-institutionalization of education as an institution. What we are witnessing is the reorganization of learning outside of the organizing principles of the Medieval University. Institutional Decline […]

These misleading terms Adaptive and Responsive don’t matter much, but rather the result which is an experience of the user (and higher conversion rates) across various platforms (including operating systems, browsers and screen resolutions). For authors and publishers (both book and web formats), design is a rather important topic. Hardcover, paperback, ebook, web are physical/digital […]

After the fiasco with Evernote (which I loved for a time) and now Wunderlist (again, a temporary sweetheart), I tried a few options, including ToDo.txt. Now, I have finally determined an excellent set of note-taking tools. There is the need to future-proof this, which as far as I can tell means keeping notes and to-do […]

Public video can easily be hosted and streamed on YouTube at no cost. But for those who want some restrictions on the video, YouTube has only limited options. Currently YouTube only allows sharing private videos with up to 50 YouTube accounts, via including their email addresses in the video manager. There are several other options, […]

Download WP Fountain WP Fountain is a WordPress Plugin to support Fountain markup (aka SPMD) for screenplays. Contributors: jeffmcneill, nyousefi Tags: screenwriting, scrippets, scrippet, screenplay, film scripts, movie scripts, fountain Requires at least: 1.5 Tested up to: 3.6 Stable tag: 0.0.1 This plugin modifies screenplay format text for inclusion in web pages. Based on the […]

Spicy Markdown is a significant departure from Bland Markdown as well as many/most other Markdown implementations. Most such implementations try and limit themselves to the spirit of original markdown in terms of parsimony, and extend it only in terms of some additional incremental (but important) extensions. Pandoc tries to do a bit more. Note: This […]


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