Quechup = Spam

To those people who received invites from my email address, this was done without my permission and I apologize. More info:

* http://billkosloskymd.typepad.com/wirelessdoc/2007/09/quechupcom-scam.html
* http://harddrivelife.com/2007/09/01/quechup-no-mustard/
* http://inoveryourhead.net/use-gmail-mark-quechup-as-spam/
* http://www.werner.be/2007/8/1/quechup-not-what-social-should-be
* http://technomarketer.typepad.com/technomarketer/2007/09/just-say-no-to-.html
* http://www.cc-chapman.com/2007/09/01/quechup-just-spammed-my-address-book/


0 thoughts on “Quechup = Spam

  1. I just fell victim to this scam. I received an invitation from someone I trusted…

  2. I had a bunch of invite e-mails this autumn from people whom I could never suspect to invite me to such network.
    So, now the mystery is solved.
    I wonder did they thought about consequences and community reaction to this dirty trick?

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