Some blogs for the n00b reader…

A student of mine asked about what blogs to read to find out more about all this web2.0 stuff. My response as follows (copied here for posterity and amusement):

For Web2.0 check out the GigaOm Show on [Revision 3]( (video/itunes-friendly) and for blogs, [Mashable]( is usually up-to-date on the news. From there, stuff diverges. There are the marketing/seo/public-relations folks, the web technology folks, and the venture capital/entrepreneurial folks, along with a smattering of philosophical [Stowe Boyd]( and educational + web types [BavaTuesdays]( Looking through my rss reader I am finding find some stuff that is usually ok. [GigaOm]( is excellent, and his crew has a number of “channels”, its definitely a community blog over there. [TechCrunch]( is usually good. [O’Reilly Radar]( is good. I find Andreessen pretty engaging at [pmarca blog](http:// For gadgets, [Engadget]( is usually good, for tips/tricks on stuff in general, check out [Lifehacker]( and for Public Relations, Steve Rubel at [Micropersuasion]( is not bad. Whatever you do, don’t waste time on Scoble or Calacanis.



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