Personal Brand – A Brand Called You – Online Influencer

This blog posting came out of some questions that Pomai asked me about “branding yourself”.

Brand Yourself

The term “brand yourself” doesn’t actually make sense except in a colloquial way. We are “always” “branding ourselves” if by that we mean communicating with others in ways that create or manage a particular “brand”–a category in the mind of the consumer.

Benefits of Branding

As to the benefits of “branding yourself”, I am convinced that social media and social networking online will impact our current and future careers in ways and in a magnitude we really do not fully understand. Consistency, clarity, memorability, and value are important in brand messaging, just like in product or company brand messaging.

Name Brand

When I find out about any new online network that has usernames, I register immediately. Sometimes I fill out profile information, but at least I try and get my brand name: jeffmcneill

Connect with Others

I try and see if I know anyone already on the site, and make “friend” connections with them if so. I usually do not invite people, unless it is a closed-beta where inviting others is actually of some value (they get an early look), and then I might tweet on twitter that I have some invites if anyone wants them.

Integrate into my Daily Routine

Some online sites I integrate into my daily routine and they continue to be the central locations for my brand messaging: youtube, flickr, twitter, delicious, and my blog. Email is still very much used for conversations, and chat/im through jabber and skype.

Engage in Conversations

I leave comments on blogs, contribute to various wikis, give bug reports to open source software teams, and use a few different twitter accounts to generate and reinforce brand meaning through conversation. I use facebook and on occasion myspace for intermittent conversation. I used to use these sites more intensively but twitter is my current focus, along with youtube and flickr.

Focus, Focus, Focus

The main thing is to continue to focus “who I am” as a brand and what category to have in the minds of others. This is the difficult part, since I tend to be interested in a lot of different things, and they change over time.



0 thoughts on “Personal Brand – A Brand Called You – Online Influencer

  1. Interesting, thx Jeff. I read that WSJ article and IDK… I’m thinking being googlable is over-rated and often find myself envying the anonymity of my friends Jason Jones, Michael Johnson etc

    I guess your post makes me feel a little better about it tho. After all, how else would ppl find their friend gee-la ? ;-\

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