Some Web Hosting Options for July, 2008

Web hosting, meh, but what u gonna do? Ok, so Site5 sucks, but its cheap–you get what you pay for. But what if I want more and am willing to pay for it, where do I go? Here are several hosting companies that I am willing to try next, and what they appear to be specializing in:

  • Hostmonster–Extremely solid offering. Impressed with customer service–they spent time chatting with me about all the features. They now have an unlimited space/unlimited bandwidth offering that Site5 was doing.
  • MediaTemple–Scalability folks who offer a grid service. Basically you get a cloud computing infrastructure which can hand bursty traffic. Focused on the Rails people. Update 2008-12-12 these guys pretty much suck, avoid
  • SiteGround–I’ve used these folks in the past and they seem to be a good replacement for Site5. Beefy throughput, hard drive space. No compile rights for the bash shell account, however.
  • WebFaction–Their plans are based around how much application memory is available. They support Plone, Django, Turbogears and Rails. Seems like a good choice for an app framework (esp. Plone, as it is hard to find a good host for Plone/Zope). Low on hard-drive space.

Oh, and you can go ahead and register your .com, .net, .org, and .tv domains with GoDaddy. For .ca go with There is also the .st registry the .im registry and the .io registry, as well as the Europe registry for .eu and many other tlds such as .es.


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