Second Notice – UH Manoa Com495 Internship – Fall 2008

Unpaid internship (150 hours) managing an online/offline social media public relations campaign for a local nonprofit. Separate registration and attendence in the Com495 class for 3 credits.

Self-motivated, self-starter, interested in online social-media and social networking for public relations and marketing strategy execution. You will work with a local nonprofit (901c3) to execute its early-state social media marketing and public relations strategy. You will manage the social media properties and plan upcoming events, interface with the media, and generally get to kick some public relations ass.

Most of this work is very flexible around the schedule and done online. Specific responsibilities include managing a blog, facebook, myspace, flickr, youtube, and twitter accounts to promote an authentic social identity through collaborative media. This is not spamming but permission-based conversations. Learn how to leverage these modern tools for public relations and search engine optimization.

You will work under the guidance of member of the nonprofit board as well as have access to technical support. A combination of social media savvy and strong interest to learn more about how these tools work is needed.

See the Com495 Internship website for course requirements. If interested, email Jeff McNeill ( with your contact and availability information (days/times in Fall), two references (names, context for reference, email address), and a list of social media account links (facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.). Make sure that the links point to your account and not just the homepage for *any* account. This is a 10 hour/week internship for the fall semester, but is very flexible around school schedule. Deadline August 7, 2008

Excellent resume-builder and opportunity to learn how to use social media for public relations.


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