The Eight Business Models of Online Video

When looking at online video, and the opportunities therein, it is important to go over the various business models already existent, as they are trying to solve some level of pain with some good or service.

  1. Create your own content – make money through distribution and/or advertising – Lonelygirl15, Hulu
  2. Create someone else’ content, video production – get paid by content creators/owners – Searider Productions
  3. Support user-created content network – get paid by advertising and viewstream aggregation – YouTube
  4. Video upload and statistics management – premium service to producers – Tubemogul
  5. Premium content aggregation – higher-end advertising deals – Mevio (used to be podshow)
  6. Video ecommerce – sell or rent video online – Apple, Amazon, Netflix
  7. Niche advertising networks – aggregate advertisers and content together – VideoEgg, Brightroll
  8. Low latency network video delivery – get paid by content creators/distributors – Brightcove, Amazon S3

There is a ninth business model (perhaps a half dozen more) but that one I am saving for later…


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