Happy Holidays from Thailand

Hello and aloha,

This is a brief update and holiday wishes. I am in Thailand and have been since Nov 2. This followed on 3 months in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, which was nice and enjoyable. I am currently in Chiang Mai and have been here after a week in Bangkok. The Bangkok airport closure has only affected me by thinning out the tourists in Chiang Mai, and there are no safety issues.

As far as travelling, I have been doing the same thing I do whereever I am, which is teaching and taking classes online. Instead of being on vacation, I just happen to be living in a foreign country.

There have also been some interesting marketing consulting opportunities regarding cross-cultural issues in the Chiang Mai market, with web and traditional publishing and translation issues. Intriguing and quite different when much of the workforce is not online, and a certain portion of it is strictly speaking illiterate in any language (though multi-lingual in speaking).

As you know, this decision to become nomadic was one forced by rising rental prices in Hawaii. I am very fortunate to be where I am, and am thankful that I can not afford to live in my own country. Why thankful? Simply because traveling is a great passion and a wonderful learning experience. The trick to traveling is to make friends wherever you go, and to slow down and hang out with local people. At least, that is what I find the most interesting and engaging.

One opportunity that has arisen recently, since the school semester is at an end, is for me to spend 10 days in the Vipassana meditation center at Wat Rampoeng. I will be there from 16-26 of December. I will not be available for any communication during that time.

After that I will be heading to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat and hang out in a few places. Originally I was going to head over to Vietnam but I have put those plans on hold and will reenter Thailand before the spring semester begins, and stay in Chiang Mai for the first few months of 2009. I want to have a stable base for getting the semester underway with teaching and taking classes, and have another business opportunity to pursue as well. At that point the schedule has not been worked out, but I am thinking about Sri Lanka around March or April, and then up to northern India for the summer.

I hope you have had an awesome 2008 and wish you the best in this holiday season and for the coming new year.


0 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Thailand

  1. Wow, Thailand! That’s fantastic, Jeff! From your blogs it sounds like you’re having a blast out there and traveling more in this short year than most people do in a lifetime!

    I would love to get out there and visit Vietnam & Indonesia, however right now my focus is on returning to Hawaii to live, despite the cost of living. If I’m not going to be making a whole heck of a lot/saving much, I might as well be doing it somewhere that makes me the happiest, eh?!

    Good luck on your adventures, and keep blogging!

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