Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vexillologically speaking

Vexillologically speaking, George Vancouver gave King Kamehameha a British flag (a predecessor to the Union Jack).

Vancouver and the Hawaiian Islands

Captain James CookCaptain James Cook was the first European to step foot on Vancouver Island in 1778, which was between his discovery and naming of the Sandwich Islands in 1778 (sailing into Waimea harbor, Kauai) and his return to Hawaii and subsequent death in Kaleakakua Bay, Big Island.

Those who do not learn from history…

I have lived in Hawaii for 7 years, and my subsequent abode for three months was Victoria on the island of Vancouver. I know better than to return to Hawaii after having left and visited Vancouver island. I will not be following in the footsteps of Captain James Cook, in this regard.

Happy 2552

Happy New Year 2552 B.E. from Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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