Tachilek, Myanmar Market

Tachilek, Myanmar Market, originally uploaded by jeffmcneill.


0 thoughts on “Tachilek, Myanmar Market

  1. You say something to the two fellas peddling from the baskets, but the second guy persists. What do you say the second time to him (after, what I assume is ‘no thank you,’ doesn’t cut it for him)?

    Have you found that people from the various cultures you’ve been in are openly friendly towards white folks/americans, or a bit snuff?

  2. I was speaking Thai, and basically at the end I tried to give him face by offering a polite Thai greeting/goodbye. It probably didn’t work because he is either Myanmar or Chinese without a lot of Thai language/social skills.

    In Thailand, people don’t really sort out into different nationalities as much, though there are some groups which are “less favorite” than others. Basically to much of the Thai, all foreigners are “Farang” and you fit into that single category.

    Thailand is the Land of Smiles, and so it feels very friendly. The people are pretty awesome. Mostly any negative stuff is with other foreigners. It feels more friendly and safer here than in Hawaii or California. Though I have to say that it felt pretty friendly in Vancouver and Victoria, BC, Canada as well.

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