Skype is Evil – Other VOIP Options

Skype has revealed themselves to be evil in [the latest spyware fiasco]( So what are the other options? Let’s look at the various criteria:

* Softphone for Desktop Win/Mac/Nix
* Softphone for Mobile S60
* DID Provider

## Softphone for Desktop ##
A softphone is a software SIP phone implementation. SIP stands for [Session Initiation Protocol](, basically an open standard for telephony. There are a few options out there, but essentially two categories: proprietary and open source.

### Proprietary ###
* [Gizmo5](, formerly GizmoProject, formerly PhoneGaim

### Open Source ###
* [QuteCom](, formerly OpenWengo, has Win/Nix distributions that work, and appears to be one of the most comprehensive, having support for a wide variety of IM clients as well
* [Ekiga](, formerly GnomeMeeting, has a Nix distribution of their latest 3.0 version
* [Kphone]( is a Unix implementation, latest release is 2007 (as of 2008-10-03)
* [Linphone]( is a Win/Nix implementation

## S60 Softphone ##
* [Fring]( seems to be the only option that I can get working well on the Nokia n82
* Fring is proprietary, not open source

## SIP Stacks ##
For programmers, besides the open source projects mentioned above, the following are interesting SIP stacks for developing your own SIP applications:

* [pjSIP](
* Nokia’s [Sofia SIP](

## Other projects ##
* [Asterisk]( – PBX
* [Telepathy]( – a Nokia project using Sofia SIP


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