Remarketing in Internet Advertising

Remarketing is the hot thing in Internet advertising these days, but also has been around Social Media for a while. Here is how to make this work with Google Adwords, Twitter and Facebook.

Remarketing Definition – What is Remarketing

Remarketing is using a list of some sort that includes behavior (usually intent-to-buy behavior), to market a product or service (or social behavior) to that user. Effective remarketing means that (from a negative aspect) someone cannot hide from a brand even after they leave a site. Ads follow that person around the Internet. This only works well if there is some kind of scale behind the scope of remarketing options. With Facebook and Google Adsense, there is indeed the scope. Both of these giants account for approximately 25% of display advertising, therefore approximately 50% of the Internet is within reach if both are combined in some way.

The main marketing value is that remarketing works, apparently. By showing ads additional times to a lead, the conversion rate is higher, ROI on advertising is higher, and time-to-conversion is faster. This makes sense logically.

Remarketing Lists

The key behind this technology is of course the humble iframe, javascript and cookie. Think of it as cookie and milk (to get the cookie to go down). Unfortunately, this is a unique remarketing list and so needs run against visitors to a given site or page. Lists of visitors need to be developed. Best to begin right away.

Before we start though, let’s look at how remarketing already exists without this creating of lists from one’s own site.

Remarketing in Facebook

There are some basic features of remarketing already in facebook. Ads can already target those who already like a certain page (such as a brand page, or even a competitor’s brand page). In addition, these two can be combined, such as targeting someone who likes one Facebook page, but does not like another facebook page. This can be used for up-sell or substitution marketing. Both Facebook page ads as well as website URL ads can use this Facebook data for remarketing.

Note that this remarketing does not a tracking tag, but rather Facebook data that has already been collected and is available to the advertiser. So far so good. However, this level of remarketing is constrained to within Facebook website (which accounts for a lot of traffic)

Facebook Exchange (FBX)

Facebook Exchange is a remarketing platform that launched in September, 2012 with 16 partners. The idea is use of remarketing as well as additional analytics. Some partners such as Triggit offer dynamic product retargeting, multi-touch attribution, advanced retargeting, segmentation, and a/b tests. These are for large advertisers (at least at first), but it should eventually become self-serve (we hope). The Lone Wolf SEO, solo entrepreneur or small business marketer will not have access at this stage of the game. Nevertheless, sign up on the partner sites to gain access as soon as possible.

Remarketing in Adwords

Google Adwords supports remarketing already supports remarketing on the Adsense Network. This means by creating a remarketing list (using a javascript tag), that can be

Google Remarketing FAQs

Remarketing using Adwords to Facebook Likes

This clever approach was suggested in a post over a year ago (sorry, missed it)! The idea is to include the Google tag in a static HTML Facebook tab. This means you get to tag the folks who like your page, into a remarketing list over on Adwords to be able to use across the Adsense network.

Remarketing in Twitter

Similar to remarketing in Facebook, but a bit more convoluted. Except for the big advertisers, everyone has to use follow tactics. The three approaches are geographical, profile data and tweet data. This is fine and similar to some degree to Facebook (but with less information and many more ad bots). The fourth is to target followers of other accounts. This is great if there are Twitter accounts for various products or brands, and cross-marketing makes sense. This can also be used for natural affinities within the target group (e.g., Obama bumper sticker brand account for those accounts which follow Obama and do not follow Romney).

Well folks, there are some remarkable remarketing opportunities out there. Go forth and market!

Originally published at Lone Wolf SEO


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