Social Media for 2013

Now this feels like an annual event, prognosticating Social Media for the new year. First in 2011, then for 2012. Let’s see how things work out for 2013.

Overlooked for 2012

First, what did we miss? Well, a year ago the whole Pinterest phenomenon wasn’t on the radar, and also the importance of Instagram (since acquired by Facebook). In addition, with Yahoo’s new CEO, there is a potential to stop the bleeding of eyeballs from Flickr. A new app makes it more compelling to use.

The rise of LinkedIn was not at the time very clear, and of course the Google+, which while not a rise so much is still something that the forces of Google are pushing as hard as they can.

What we did point out still holds true, namely the importance of Amazon (still difficult to achieve with their convoluted social media tools), Wikipedia, Slideshare, Kickstarter, Soundcloud, YouTube.

The social aspect of things in general is also an emerging trend, as applications and services enable users to interact socially across a variety of platforms.

2013 Social Media Trends of Note

Let me put this in a didactic form:

  • The dominance of Facebook and Twitter continue.
  • LinkedIn will continue to become more and more important.
  • Media-specific leaders will largely continue to dominate (YouTube, SlideShare, SoundCloud)
  • Image sharing is still very important, with mindshare and marketshare will continue to be distributed across various applications and networks, including Flickr (which is still dwarfed by Facebook), Instagram (for mobile) and Pinterest.
  • Quora is still useful for some things, and those who put time and effort in will continue to develop a reputation there.
  • The various blogging platforms will continue to be important: Tumblr,, Blogger. Posterous was acquired by Twitter in 2012 and not much has happened with it, and likely will not.
  • The same level of importance will continue for Wikipedia, Kickstarter, Slideshare, Soundcloud.

These suggestions are fairly conservative, and will in fact be overturned to some degree as unanticipated events take place throughout 2013. However, at this point doubling down on the main social networks, and dabbling in some of the more relevant niche networks makes good business sense. For an organization, the recommendations are:

  • Get a solid website running and use that as the primary source of information. WordPress is highly recommended.
  • Set up social media accounts on the following sites: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Instagram.
  • For image marketing, try out Instagram and Pinterest. Use Foursquare for location-based checkins.
  • If there is focus on audio, then SoundCloud (as well as release to the, and YouTube are the platforms.
  • Look to regional trends for additional platforms. For example businesses are setting up accounts on Naver’s Line in East/Southeast Asia.

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