3 Fonts with Thai and Roman character support

One challenge for using Thai script on a computer is that Thai characters are more vertical than roman alphabet characters. If one is mixing roman and Thai characters in a document, the Thai characters tend to be much smaller (and therefore illegible if the roman characters are optimized for space and legibility).

At this point I have found two fonts with excellent mixed-character set support. Another has reasonable support in a stylized font.

Thai fonts with mixed-character support

Linux Libertine

Linux Libertine, which continues to amaze as a one of the most successful open source truetype font projects has excellent Thai character support. Libertine is a Serif font.

Free Thailand Government Fonts

The Thailand Department of Intellectual Property website has a collection of free fonts to download. There are several which are quite interesting.

  • For a Sans Serif font (with full roman character support), the Fah kwang font pdf sample is an excellent option.
  • For a stylized font (without roman character support), Charmonman pdf sample is an excellent option. is a nice option.

Additional Thai Script (Font) resources

via Jeff McNeill » Jeff McNeill – Publishing, Marketing, Southeast Asia http://jeffmcneill.com/3-fonts-with-good-thai-and-roman-character-support/


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