Spicy Markdown – Web Shortcode

Spicy Markdown is a significant departure from Bland Markdown as well as many/most other Markdown implementations. Most such implementations try and limit themselves to the spirit of original markdown in terms of parsimony, and extend it only in terms of some additional incremental (but important) extensions. Pandoc tries to do a bit more.

Spicy Markdown

Note: This post is under occasional update.

Difference in Spicy Markdown from other Markdown

Spicy Markdown is different because it is an attempt not so much to extend Markdown but to create a superset of website tools. It might be better called Spicy Shortcode instead of Spicy Markdown but indeed Markdown is the core markup.

Spicy Markdown aims to produce a static html page that is fast, and includes ways of optimizing images for effective display.

Spicy Markdown also supports various other kinds of features of wordress (such as <!--more-->), image and video codes, slideshows/image sliders, and includes css enhancements (such as image alignment).

Essentially, Spicy Markdown is meant to be the best tool for plain-text editing of web pages, as elegant and parsimonious as possible, but with full ability to do basic page composition (layout).

Spicy Markdown is meant to work with SquidCache, and therefore will provide pre-fetched queries and include as little as possible realtime database access.

New Functionality of Spicy Markdown

  • Images will include captions and figure numbering, as well as dimensions and alignment support.
  • YouTube videos will be supported
  • Footnotes and endnotes will be supported
  • Alternative fonts will be supported (specifically useful in the case of different fonts for different languages).
  • Image sliders will be supported (which will have JS/CSS elements)

Related Projects to Include or be Inspired by

via Jeff McNeill http://ift.tt/RJu3MD


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