Future Proofing Note Taking / To Do Lists

After the fiasco with Evernote (which I loved for a time) and now Wunderlist (again, a temporary sweetheart), I tried a few options, including ToDo.txt. Now, I have finally determined an excellent set of note-taking tools. There is the need to future-proof this, which as far as I can tell means keeping notes and to-do lists in text files (and not a single text file), and syncing them in the cloud. Plaintext (along with Bland Markdown) is indeed the future.


Requirements for Note Taking and To Do Lists

  • Multiplatform: OSX, Web, iOS, Android
  • Ease of use: Fast to use/access, no advertising (willing to pay for this)
  • Future proof: Cloud syncing, plaintext files
  • Affordable: Under $60/year ($5/month) total (all apps and any subscriptions)

It took a while to get to this simple list. It was trying out the various options that led to these conclusions.

Apps and Services

Some people would have free as a requirement, but that is not as important as transparency, a plaintext format and file-based information storage. The massive problems of interface redesign (Evernote) and broken synchronization (Wunderlist) can be repaired much more easily with the file-based system that I am now using.

The Future is Git

The future is definitely Git, but it is also Dropbox, iCloud, and (heaven forfend) Skydrive. For individual lists, the systems above will be fine, when collaboration is needed, then Git will become the platform of choice. To that end, the following should be considered (as well as other, emerging nascent tools):

Also note Gistbox which focuses more on text snippets, so could be good for note taking and to do lists, rather than larger documents. There is also a Gistbox Chrome App.

Not the Future – Proprietary Apps

Indeed, if I wanted to try yet another proprietary app, then Todoist looks quite good. Also, so does Astrid, though that has been acquired by Yahoo, and we have no idea what its future will be.

via Jeff McNeill http://ift.tt/1mQb4bn


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