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Excellent Firefox Plugins and Greasemonkey Scripts for September, 2008

Here is my current list of Firefox Plugins and Greasemonkey Scripts. If there are some essential ones I have missed, please add them in the comments below. Students of mine have as mandatory the items labelled __-s-__.

## Browsers
* [Firefox]( __-s-__
* [Flock](
* [Opera](
* [Seamonkey](

__Of the following extensions, all work in Firefox, and many (most) work in Flock and Seamonkey.__

## Improve Firefox Functionality
* [Adblock Filterset.G Updater]( __-s-__
* [Adblock Plus]( __-s-__
* [Autohide]( – improved F11/fullscreen __-s-__
* [Tab Mix Plus]( – improved tab management

## Improved Web Applications
* [Better Flickr](
* [Better GCal]( __-s-__
* [Better Gmail 2]( __-s-__
* [Better GReader]( __-s-__
* [CustomizeGoogle]( __-s-__
* [Google Gears]( __-s-__

## Integrating apps with Firefox
* [Delicious Bookmarks]( – note v. 2.0.64 only
* [Goolge Earth Plugin](
* [Google Gears]( __-s-__
* [Google Toolbar for Firefox]( __-s-__
* [Mobile Barcoder]( – QR codes for mobile phones to read
* [Picnik]( – online image editor
* [Remember the Milk for Gmail](

## Greasemonkey Scripts
* [Greasemonkey]( __-s-__
* [Clean Gmail Print](
* [GMail GTD Tickler]( __-s-__
* [Flickr AllSizes+](
* [Flickr Groups Organiser](
* [Flickrati](
* [WikED]( – mediawiki enhanced editor __-s-__
* [Download YouTube Videos as MP4]( __-s-__
* [Youtube High Quality]( __-s-__

## Development Tools
* [ColorZilla](
* [Firebug](
* [Live HTTP headers](
* [SQLite Manager](
* [YSlow](


Software and Priorities (Open and Other)

Just a quick note about software and priorities. I am continually looking to change the software I use to reach the most desirable set of criteria (if I am using software that does not yet embrace those criteria). Here are the criteria, in alphabetical order:

* Active developer community
* Cross platform
* Extensible (plug-ins, etc.)
* Free
* Functionality
* Large user base
* Open source
* Simplicity
* Stability

There are a few pieces of software that more or less meet these criteria, such as:

* [Apache](
* [MySQL](
* [PHP](
* [Python](
* [Ruby](
* [Firefox](
* [Open Office](
* [Pidgin](
* [Blender](
* [VLC](
* [FileZilla](
* [Gimp](, especially the [GimpShop](
* [MediaWiki](
* [WordPress](

Some software I like to use might violate these criteria, such as [notepad2]( (no development, windows only) and [iconforge]( (not free, windows only), but they are simple and good at what they do, so I stick with them. However, over the long run, I see open source, cross platform as winning. I believe I will be cutting over to Ubuntu around 2009 or 2010. Here are my current reservations:

* [Cinelerra]( is not cross platform, plus drivers!
* Open Office Impress sucks compared with Powerpoint
* [Second Life]( client for linux is in alpha

So, the way I look at it, as soon as I can move over to a new operating system while maintaining my current set of software tools (which have been slowly migrating to linux supported options), then I can make the move.

I look forward to the transition.