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Blocking spambots with Akismet and Recaptcha

There is a special place in hell for spammers. Here is how I am trying to cope these days, with instructions for installation and configuration:


* As of now, this works on WordPress 2.0 and above
* [Download Akismet](
* Copy to directory
* Enable in Plugins
* [Get your Akismet key by creating a account](
* Enter the key into the Plugins/Akismet Configurator WordPress control panel

* As of now, this works on MediaWiki 1.7 and above
* [Download the Recaptcha extension](
* Copy files to the /extensions/recaptcha directory
* Copy [this file]( as per [this note]( and overwrite the ConfirmEdit.php file in the /extensions/recaptcha directory
* [Get your captcha keys here](
* Edit the /extensions/recaptcha/Recaptcha.php file and add the public and private keys to the part that looks like:

// Set these in LocalSettings.php
$recaptcha_public_key = ”;
$recaptcha_private_key = ”;

* Edit the LocalSettings.php file at the root of the wiki, adding the following:

require_once( “$IP/extensions/recaptcha/ReCaptcha.php” );
// Sign up for these at
$recaptcha_public_key = ”;
$recaptcha_private_key = ”;

* Edit the /extensions/recaptcha/ConfirmEdit.php file to modify what kinds of actions get “captcha”ed, such as account creation, new link creation, etc. Also, can filter by user roles. Very nice!

Ultimately I would like to see a MediaWiki extension for Akismet (no evidence one exists just yet), and to try out the WordPress plugin for Recaptcha. I will report back when more information becomes available.