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Online Faxing Options – Via Web and Email, Send and Receive

_Here are a few online/internet faxing options, all support email send and receive, and (except for faxpipe) a web interface to faxes (and in the case of K7 and Faxaway, inbound voicemail). Many if not all support sending PDFs and various image formats. Reception is in TIFF or PDF formats._

### MyFax ###
* [Myfax](
* $10/mo or $110/year for receiving 100/sending 200 faxes, for the moderate to heavy organization. Free international faxing to [a number of countries]( Toll free or local number.
* __Bottom line__ – Good for international outbound faxing. Costs only $10 for first month to begin using.

### Interfax ###
* [Interfax]( Is a great service that uses a pre-pay and per-fax model instead of subscription billing. A toll free number is the only option. Inbound phone number is $13.95/mo. Simple, easy-to-use interface works fine. Menu pricing for faxing to different countries.
* __Bottom line__ – Costs as little as $10 to begin sending faxes, $25 to begin receiving. For heavy fax users, likely the most economical approach.

### Efax ###
* [Efax]( offers $12.95/mo in the US (different prices for different countries) for a local or toll-free number inbound and up to 130 pages faxing either direction.
* __Bottom line__ – Free 30 day trial. Cheapest to begin using for inbound faxing (until we get to K7 and Faxaway offerings below).

### Faxpipe ###
* [Faxpipe]( has the [lowest pricing per year]( ($3.95/mo = $47.40/year prepay for full year) for 25 pages faxed. The disadvantage is that they don’t actually allow you to manage your account via the website. This seems like a throwback to the early 1990s where every FAQ question is answered by a “call us at 1-888-blah-blah”. Free trial.
* __Bottom line__ – Cheapest per year sending/receiving (until we get to K7 and Faxaway offerings below).

### Faxzero ###
* [Faxzero]( offers a free faxing service (3 per day, 3 pages max, advertisement supported) or low cost $1.95 (paypal only) fax up to 15 pages.
* __Bottom line__ – Free or low cost per fax sending. Great for those who almost never send faxes and don’t need to receive them.

### K7 Unified Messaging ###
* [K7 Unified Messaging]( is definitely an _I fell down the rabbit hole_ kind of offering. Free voicemail and fax reception? Um, ok… They require regular usage to keep the account (defined as once per month voicemail or fax reception). 206 (Seattle) area code only.
* __Bottom line__ – Absolutely free receiving voicemail and faxes. Wow.

### Faxaway ###
* [Faxaway]( is another offering of the K7 folks. This offers the same inbound voice and fax, as well as an outbound faxing with a pre-pay ($10) and per minute transmission charges and a $1/mo account maintenance fee.
* __Bottom line__ – It doesn’t get much better than this for the light fax user. Per minute charges higher than for Faxpipe.

### Final Bottom Line ###
* Moderate to heavy international fax senders look at [Myfax]( or [Interfax](
* Heavy users should probably go with the [Interfax]( offering
* Light senders and receivers will like [Faxaway](
* Absolutely free one-off, 3 page fax can be sent via [Faxzero](
* [Efax]( free trial for 30 days of inbound and outbound up to 130 pages